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What Do Your Social Media Posts Really Say?


Celebrities have always lead the way on social media, in fact there are a number of “celebrities” who are famous solely for their You Tube or Instagram posts. They seek to create a relationship with their fans by sharing photos of what they do, and who they are with.   Whether we really do see the real person behind the cleverly constructed image is debatable. The more they post the more we are supposed to envy their wonderful lives. Who wouldn’t be envious of a 6 year old having their birthday party in Buckingham Palace of all places and a real life Princess in attendance to boot? It also appears that a real life Prince was there too, but at 57 he can no longer be described as handsome.

You like me may think that the Instagram posts from the party show the Beckhams in a poor light, their desperation to keep themselves in the spotlight by using their children being just one of them. 

However there is one thing the whole story does highlight.

Make sure you have permission to use photos of people.

If you use photos of people in your posts – and it is a good idea – do you have their permission to use them?  I usually mention this to pubs and restaurants I work with. Imagine posting a photo that shows someone who is supposedly still in the office propping up the bar.

Perhaps more than most I am aware of only using photos of people with their permission. As you may know I run a Guide Unit and while you won’t be surprised to hear that I run a Facebook page and Twitter account to promote what we do, I have to get permission to use photos of the girls. In fact I don’t post photos of the girls to Twitter, only photos of what they are doing. Photos on the Facebook page only show groups of girls.

Stella McCartney was rightly annoyed that a photo of her child had been shared without her permission. Most people in the public eye prefer their children not to be recognisable. I agree with the suggestion that the complaint highlighted the fact the child was also in the photo, but it also served as a reminder that you should ask permission to use photos whoever you are. You should also be careful of sharing photos taken in someone’s home. They may not be comfortable with their personal space being shared without permission.

Let your posts reflect your personality

Someone else who has included is children in his Instagram posts is Jacob Rees Mogg. Previously seen as a reactionary throwback to the mid-20th Century,  his Instagram posts have let us see a more human side of him. Do check out his Instagram if you haven’t done so already.  It is a good example of how allowing your posts to reflect your personality can be really effective. On the strength of his posts public perception of him has changed and he is being seen as a contender for the Conservative party leadership.  If like me you are unhappy about the way politicians are using social media to create a cult of personality this article from the Huffington post will do nothing to allay your fears.

Posts that show people or reflect your personality are likely to engage people more than other types of posts. Just remember to ask yourself the question before you post.

What does this really say about me and my business?


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