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Some you win, some you don't, but try anyway

So how do I follow last week’s blog?  We’ve written several blogs for GPC Marketing but the blog Is Twitter Katie Holmes and LinkedIn Tom Cruise? was the first to generate comments and good traffic.  As regular bloggers for our sister business thebestofhenleyonthames  we have managed to create substantial web traffic  for blogs we have written.  It doesn’t happen every time but it was sufficient for us to make the blog a central part of the GPC Marketing website.  So here are some tips for you that we have picked up along the way.

Tell us what you think.

The blog Is Twitter Katie Holmes and LinkedIn Tom Cruise? started out as a comment welcoming the fact that LinkedIn profiles will no longer be clogged up by other peoples Twitter accounts.  It was only while writing it that the Celebrity analogy came to us.

The Title is Everything.

I’m not sure the response would have been as good if we had used the intended title “Why we welcome Linkedin profiles no longer featuring Twitter”.  The title came to us as we were writing.

Get your Blog found

Web designers tell you to blog because it generates traffic to your site.  It also allows you to have a voice and give your opinion about things that matter to your business.  So as well as making sure you use relevant keywords broadcast your blog on every Social Media channel available to you.

Make ‘em Laugh

If you can and it’s appropriate make us laugh.  Never fails.

Be Regular

You won’t be inspired every week but whatever you do make sure you blog regularly.  If people get used to reading your blog they will look out for it.  Build up a list of blog subjects that you can refer to when inspiration deserts you.



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