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Stretch Your Marketing Muscles

Are you muscles really tight? Do you have problems with your hamstrings? Well if you have either of these issues you know that stretching out twice a day would really help your flexibility. However the benefits from stretching are slow to arrive and many people give up too soon before they get results.

In a way marketing and sales are very similar to stretching. Marketing done well and consistently will deliver your business great results. It is the consistency that many business owners struggle with. Often owners give up before they get the real benefits from their marketing efforts. 

We can really help your business to get more sales by analysing your marketing efforts, delivering them consistently and with panache! We can also run your marketing for you on an out sourced basis. Might then give you more time to get along to the gym.

With over 20 years experience as an award winning US Fund Manager I know that I have plenty to offer local business owners in the Thames Valley. During my time as an investment expert I met many American companies and their senior management teams.This experience and knowledge could be used to help your company. I really enjoy meeting business owners and using my knowledge to help them get the most out of their marketing and sales. If you are looking for someone to give you an independent view of your company, and its marketing, then let me help you.

We offer a FREE marketing review of your company that includes an in depth written report. We have already helped many local companies to improve their marketing efforts and increase their sales. Sometimes it is just highlighting some simple things that can be done better. At other times it can be a root and branch review of every thing that you do.


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