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The Book That Changed My View of Twitter


Facebook tried to buy Twitter.

Celebrities desperate to visit, and occasionally buy, Twitter.

A clash of personalities and egos in and out of the boardroom.

These are just some of the things I learned when I read a fascinating book called “Hatching Twitter” by Nick Bilton earlier this year.

I have to say what I read in the book has informed much of what I have written about the many Twitter changes this year. Interestingly sometime in 2008 Biz Stone, one of the founders, claimed

“It was already on its way to becoming a personal newswire”

Indeed one of the strongest trends of 2015 has been the emergence of Twitter and Facebook as the way many people access news.

However the biggest impression I was left with was the disagreement between the founders as to the whole purpose of Twitter. It explains a lot about the changes that have been implemented already and are rumoured to be coming.  

Current CEO Jack Dorsey saw it as a series of status updates, Evan Williams and Biz Stone saw it more as a continuous commentary built up of Tweets.

Twitter needs to keep its place in the social media World so it needs to decide what it wants to be. My view about what it needs to do to make this happen is another blog for another day. But I do intend to write it and would be interested to know your thoughts?

“Hatching Twitter” is a fascinating book providing an insight into what happens when an idea becomes a big company. The boardroom struggles and behind the scene back-stabbing is breath taking and I would recommend you read it just for that reason alone.  The fact that the main players agreed to be interviewed for the book is amazing and they can only be applauded for their honesty.

Without spoiling your enjoyment of the book, having read it you will view the recent return of Jack Dorsey as CEO in a completely different light.

If you are at all interested in Twitter, where it has come from and more importantly where it is going I really recommend that you read the book. It is a fascinating and good read.

Since I wrote this piece Twitter has announced disappointing figures for the third quarter of 2015. It seems many analysts don’t believe that Twitter has come up with the ground breaking change it needs yet.  Once again having read this book I am not surprised.

Have you read “Hatching Twitter” Has it changed your view of Twitter.





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