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The Earl of Grantham or Matthew Crawley

So that’s all for Downton Abbey until Christmas Day, it’s such a perfect Sunday evening telly programme and we’ll miss it. We’ve enjoyed this series much more than last year’s as storylines have had a chance to breathe and develop, last series seemed to be a gallop through 4 years. The central theme of this year’s series has been the way individual characters have coped with the changes to life after the Great War.  The series depicts Matthew Crawley willing to try new ways and approaches to keep the estate functioning while Robert, Earl of Grantham doesn’t see the need to change any of the things he has always done even though the old ways are no longer sustainable. Downton Abbey portrays in fiction something that actually happened and the enormous changes in attitudes and society where nothing was the same again.

Nearly 100 years later people still try to resist change, it’s part of human nature, and prefer to carry on doing what they have always done, the way they have always done it. In recent years the internet has brought huge changes to all our lives and the way we live them and do things- especially the way we buy things.  Last week the Comet electrical chain went into receivership.  In all the reports about this, one thing in a BBC report astounded us. The report states that

“successive managements had failed to understand the online world”

Many people search for electrical goods online for the best price and for details of the product they wish to buy.  By ignoring this you immediately stop reaching many of your potential customers.

The internet means many new ways of marketing are open to all businesses.  Not all of them will be right and to try to do everything would be costly and time-consuming, but it is sensible to make sure you research the right ones for your business.  Online is so much more than a website and you need make sure you are as up to date as possible.  A specialist marketing business will be able to help you find and identify the right products for your business.

So are you going to take the Earl of Grantham approach by carrying on with what you have always done with decreasing success? Or are you taking the Matthew Crawley approach of embracing the new and the opportunities it brings?


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