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I Like This New Facebook Feature

This blog was updated in April 2017 to include changes to the slideshow feature.

While the rest of us were enjoying a nice long break over Christmas and New Year, Facebook added a new feature. You can now upload between 3 and 10 photos to create a slideshow. It is only available on a desktop for Facebook pages.

As creating a slideshow was something I had been meaning to do for the Murcian Villa page I seized the chance to try the feature out for myself. I am so glad I did. It achieved fantastic organic reach and lots of page views.

Once you have created the slideshow you can download it and use it elsewhere. I add it to You Tube and post on Twitter.

1.       It is really simple, quick and easy way to create a video.

2.       It is an easy way to extend the life of photos and slides that you have used before.

3.       It is a great way to showcase newly arrived products in a video rather than a series of photos.

4.       You can make an easy video of your event.

5.       You can add a link to your website at the end of the slideshow.

6.       It is easy to produce there and then with a smart phone.

7.       Video posts outperform other types of Facebook posts.



Obviously there are times when you want a more professional looking video but these are expensive to produce in both time and money. Our advice would be to save these for a really compelling video that you can use many times.

We’ve always had better engagement with photos and videos taken and shared spontaneously.

So what are you waiting for – give it a go.

Our Facebook posts regularly get great organic reach and engagement. If you would like some advice on achieving the same for your business please contact us on 01491 524002 or use the contact form.

A version of this blog originally appeared on Linkedin


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