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The Geese Trump the Dogs




It is a truth universally acknowledged that animal posts get a great response on Social Media. So imagine my dilemma last weekend when 2 separate people posted animal related posts on thebestofhenleyonthames Facebook page. One was from a member of the public who had filmed two geese walking along Bell Street in Henley and the other was from an organisation that tries to find lost dogs asking us to share the information that two dogs had been lost in Stoke Row.

The way I use Facebook meant that I only wanted to use one of the posts – so I went with the Geese. Here is why;


·         Not only was the Geese post visual but it was a video. Images and videos will usually get a response.

·         It was different and funny – humour works on social media.

·         It caught my attention when I first saw it and generally if that is my response it is the same for others too.

·         I post to engage people and I thought this would engage more people than the lost dogs.

·         The lost dog post had been posted 12 hours before I saw it – hopefully the dogs would have been found when I shared the post.


One more important thing persuaded me to share the Geese. The aim of thebestofhenley Facebook page is to engage people living in and around Henley. The person who shared the video has liked my posts in the past and the video was filmed in the town. He is part of our community, not only the actual one but our Facebook one too. The person who posted the lost dogs is based in another part of the country and not in our community and unlikely to become part of it.

Building a community that will use your product or services should be the aim of your social media. We can help you identify and find people to join your community even if it isn’t as obviously geographical as ours. 


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