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The Katie Price Guide to Marketing

Readers of our blogs will know that one of our Guilty Pleasures is the occasional read of celebrity gossip, and as a blog about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was our most successful we suspect we aren’t alone. This weekend the big celebrity news has been the news of Katie Price’s pregnancy, the woman formerly known as Jordan. This news follows on with great speed from the news of Katie’s wedding to Kieran Hayler only 5 weeks ago after a whirlwind romance.

The reaction to this news has been somewhat mixed. I suspect the vast majority of us can’t comprehend the speed of the relationship for one thing. I suspect the reason we are so cynical is the widely held belief that good, strong, lasting relationships grow more slowly than Katie and Kieran’s. This is true of all relationships not just romantic ones.

A lot of modern marketing is based on relationships to some degree. The obvious one is  Business Networking where groups such as BNI and Athena encourage their members to build strong and lasting relationships in order to gain the best results whether that is contacts or business.

In the same way interaction and communication is the key to great Social Media success. As a keen observer of Social Media activity it would appear that the businesses who get this are the ones who stick around. We’ve seen so many businesses set up Social Media campaigns as a means to talk only about themselves. They then give up quickly as they see no result.

Email newsletters maintain relationships with your customers and potential customers. It is of course a one-way communication but it serves to remind people you are there and thinking about them - A bit like a Christmas card but with more frequency.

None of these marketing methods bring instant results but can lead to enduring business relationships and continual business. As for Katie Price, if your business model is based on selling your life, a strong, lasting relationship doesn’t give you much to exploit.


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