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The Slimming Club Approach to Marketing

 What’s the best way to lose weight?  A number of studies have found that Slimming Clubs are the most effective way for people to lose weight.  But why is this method of losing weight so effective?  Although a lot of slimming clubs have an online option nowadays they all run weekly meetings.  When you join you will be given a programme to follow and then be expected to turn up to weekly meetings where your progress will be monitored by way of being weighed. It’s this accountability that means a lot of people who follow the diet and exercise plans properly end up achieving their goal weight.


So how do we apply the slimming club approach to our Marketing consultancy service?  Actually our service is a bit more bespoke than a one-size fits all diet. Firstly we meet with our client to take a serious look at their business.  We acknowledge where things are done well and suggest ways and a plan to make improvements.  We then put a plan in place and break the actions down into small chunks.  The following week we meet with our clients to assess what they have achieved and set the task for the following week.  Again it’s the accountability that makes the approach successful as is the chance to sit and work on your business, not in it, once a week that encourages our clients to make sure they complete each task.
So what kind of tasks do we set? Each business is unique so the advice we give will be different for each business. However as an example we might make sure that our client has an up-to-date database or set one up if they don’t have one.  We could also encourage clients to have access to their own websites so that they can make changes themselves, rather than having to wait for someone to do it for them.  Then we will find ways for the client to use the database and website to generate more business.  Should the business require more specialised help such as graphic design or printing we can suggest one of our trusted suppliers.  As we’ve said, every business is unique so our programme will be tailored to their specific needs.
So that’s our marketing consultancy service for you. Based on accountability but devised by us to help you gain, not lose, like a slimming club.  Whatever your goals we work with you to achieve them.
Written by Gillian Chappell

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