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Video is Easier than you Think

Social media posts that include images do much better than those that don’t. People like visual content as the success of Instagram has shown.

I now hardly ever post to Facebook without an image, whether it is a photo I have taken or an image that I created using Canva.

Things on Social media rarely stand still and it seems visuals that move trump static images. Our experience is certainly that video gets more engagement than other types of posts.  

I’ve read several reports that Facebook has been trialling a separate video feed but I have yet to see it. If this is true then it makes creating and using video even more important.

Creating eye-catching video is easier than  you may think. There are lots of tools out there and you probably have 2 close to hand.

The simplest way to create a video is use your smartphone. The cameras are now so good the results can be excellent.  Now when I take a photo to post on social media I’m trying to educate myself to think “would this work as a video?”

So if the image you are taking includes movement - video it rather than take a photo.

For example, if you are a personal trainer, film the move you are demonstrating, if you are a restaurant show the food being made or plated up and not just the finished dish.

Another easy way to create a video is to use the Facebook slideshow feature. It seems this is only available on a Desktop for Facebook pages but we have created a number of videos using this feature. You can find more details here.

Facebook has also introduced live. Broadcast from your phone or desktop in the here and now.  This creates some interesting possibilities for engaging with your customers.

You may have seen Facebook stories; heavily promoted in the Facebook mobile app they have been slow to make an impression.

We still get great organic reach with our Facebook posts. Why not book a session with us and we’ll share our secrets and tips for getting the most from Facebook ads. 


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