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What do you use as your Facebook Cover Photo

Recently we've been helping businesses with their Facebook pages.  In most cases they already had a page but were unsure what to do with it. One of the main issues has been what to use as a Cover Photo.

Our Cover Photo

As a B2B business it has taken us a while to work out what to do with our cover photo.  However after being boring and posting a photo of us inspiration struck.  We've now hit on a idea that we can regularly refresh and that isn't too serious.  We hope you like it.
So what makes a good cover?

One of the businesses we helped is The Silent Customer, a business providing mystery shoppers primarily to the hosppitality industry. They have used a great professional photo of a waitress serving customers.  We think it works well.

Facebook Rules

Facebook have set out some very clear rules about what you can do with your cover photo.  Ideally it should be an sRGB JPG file  851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall and less than 100 kilobytes. It shouldn't give promotional information.  So no mention of offers or discounts or your contact details. You shouldn't use it to encourage people to Like or Share your page or promote it to their friends. The image must be original and you must own the rights to it. We've come across some shocking cover photos and it remains to be seen whether Facebook take any action.  Apart from breaking the rules they look awful, a good sharp image works so much better.
It Can always be Changed

Remember if you don't like your cover you can always change it.  When we started writing this blog our cover photo was completely different.  Taking the time to sit down and think about it gave us the idea that you will now see on our page. 

Still not sure?

We're happy to help you with your facebook questions. Call us on 01491 412152 or email us, we're happy to arrange a session to help you out.





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