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What has Google done now?


So Gmail will now let you email your Google+ contacts. The ability to send any Google+ posts to your circles has been in existence for a while although it is a facility that in my view should be used with caution.  However there are times when it can be really useful and effective.

Of course this could be seen as a positive development and another feature Google+ has that Facebook doesn’t.  How many of us would love to be able to easily contact the people who like our Facebook page? However the whole way Google+ works in letting anyone add us to circles and follow our accounts means that this whole system is open to spammers. Watch out for lots of activity on your Google+ account in the next few weeks. Google say that any emails sent this way will be sent to the promotions folder but it may still be viewed as intrusive.

Once again this January I’ve been reading blogs and articles about how this is the year that Google+ will take off and that it is the third most used social network. My experience would suggest that there is a certain amount of hype in this and that anyone with a Gmail account is automatically counted in these figures.  I don’t see many people actively using it or talking about it.

In my view this is another way that Google is trying to tempt people to use Google+.  Potentially this is a really useful feature for marketers to use but how does this sit with the fairly tight UK rules regarding email marketing?

Google + does have a number of advantages over other social networks. It is as if they have studied the disadvantages of the other networks and sought to include them in Google+ It is much more geared to communicating directly with contacts made using the platform.  This new feature extends that ethos further. Google hangouts allow people to physically talk to each other. The communities feature can be a good way of promoting yourself and your business and the ability to add other users to your circles is a good way to let others know about you.

As we’ve already mentioned Google+ does have features that make it something you should consider for your marketing campaign. I have been using it for some time and can provide you with help and advice on making it work for your business.

Written by Gillian Chappell

lindsay mcloughlin
January 18,2014 06:34 am
I, too, would find it concerning that we can now email market to our Google+ circles. Part of the magic of social media is that the likes/shares are opt-in. The reader chooses who he hears from and how he hears from you. ie. By adding me to a circle, the reader is indicating his openness to viewing my posts (blogs etc). To email him direct to his inbox is another thing altogether.

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