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What works for you?

It’s been very quiet around here for the last few weeks, it seems as if everyone has been watching the Olympics or gone on holiday – or both.  We’ve been in the office for most of August but we’ve been busy making preparations for the Autumn which we know from previous years will be a busy time for us. Although our school days are long over there is still something about September that makes it seem like a fresh start.

One of the things we’ve been doing is reviewing our marketing strategy. Regular checks of Google Analytics enable us to measure the performance of our website.  We’ve researched how much traffic the website is getting and where it is coming from.  We’ve also analysed what searches have brought people to the site.

We use Google analytics as well as Hootsuite to review our Social Media activity.  We’re able to see which platform is working best for us.  We can also check on what type of post is working and find out the best times to post updates.
Another source of good leads for us is Business Networking.  We attend a number of groups and regularly reviewing the contacts you have made from them helps identify the right groups to focus on.
So what conclusions have we reached?  All three forms of marketing have worked for us but our website needs some tweaks, Linkedin and Twitter work better for us than Facebook and business networking is our most effective lead generator.  So if we know you from a networking group expect to see us this Autumn.

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