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Who Are You?


I meet a lot of people at networking events and the second question that is always asked after “What is your name?” is “What do you do?”  So why oh why do so many people not give this vital information on social media? On many social media accounts the only information given is someone’s name, great if you know them, not so much if you don’t.

I recently saw a tweet from a pub called the Red Lion*. That was all; they just had a user name that was the name of the pub and a number.  Now if you are a pub on Twitter you are obviously using it to generate business. It presumably means you want people to come in and enjoy a drink or a meal. So without more information how do people know how to find you? After all it isn’t as if The Red Lion is an unusual name for a pub. They do have a photo which is at least something.

I’ve picked on this account because it is a really good example of not using social media correctly.  They are by no means alone. All social media platforms ask you to upload a photo and write something about you or your business. I would rank this as the one thing you MUST do.  So here are my tips on what you should include;

A Photo

This should be a good photo preferably taken by a professional photographer. Whatever you do don’t use a photo taken on a phone on your last good night out!

Be your own brand

Lots of people use the same photo on all their Social Media accounts. It is a good thing to do as you become recognisable.

Tell us what you do

Explain what you do and if possible use keywords for your profession or business – it helps people find you.  Try and be creative as it also makes you more memorable.

Where are you?

It’s really helpful to tell people where you are based, especially if you are a shop, pub or restaurant. However many other businesses are looking for people to connect with in their local area so my advice would be to be specific about your location.

So that’s it. A couple of very easy things to action to put you on the road to Social Media success.

*To avoid embarrassment the name of the pub has been changed.

Written by Gillian Chappell



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