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Who Are You? How to Get Me to Connect.



You will probably know by now that I am quite choosy about who I connect with on social media. I don’t follow back everyone who follows me on Twitter or accept every LinkedIn connection request that I receive.

It isn’t that I am not open to connecting with people and businesses, it is why I use social media, I just like to know who I am talking to.

When it comes to Twitter I have become quite adept at spotting accounts that are just looking for large amounts of followers.  So if you have thousands of followers, have masses of hashtags in your bio and claim you are based worldwide or don’t have a location, the chances of me following back are slim at best.

On Linkedin I am even more selective.  No profile picture, basic details of who they are or personalised message saying why they want to connect and I ignore the request.

If I actually meet someone I instantly know what they look like. The conversation would include an explanation of what they do. The eventual exchange of business cards would give me links to a website and possibly social media accounts so that I could find out more about them. That’s how it works in the real World and that is how I like to work online.

I am not alone in looking for people who are authentic. So this is what I look for when I am followed on Twitter and I receive a connection request on LinkedIn. I judge this by looking for 3 things.

Who are they – Easy to tell from a photo and a bio that has some information about their business and possibly themselves?

What they do – links to a website and other social media accounts

Where are they – not always an issue but I’m more likely to connect if they live closer to me than if they live abroad.

Ultimately what I aim to achieve are relationships that can bring mutual benefit for our businesses. Or to connect with people who are themselves producing useful content about marketing or social media.

If you would like help building an effective social media network give me a call on 01491 524002 or drop me an email.

Please feel free to send me a LinkedIn request or follow me on Twitter if you think we could be of mutual benefit to each other or if you think I would find your content interesting.



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