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Who does LinkedIn think you are?


It’s just over a year since LinkedIn introduced the endorsement feature to a very mixed reaction.  At the time I wrote a blog entitled LinkedIn’s Marmite moment and a year on everything I spoke about in that blog is still relevant.

As the feature doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon here are a few things to consider so you too can create a patchwork quilt effect on your LinkedIn profile.

What have you been endorsed for?

Have you been endorsed for skills you want to be endorsed for? If most of the endorsements aren’t for your major skills you may need to think about changing your profile so that it emphasises your skills. You can remove the skills you don’t want to highlight but be aware that you will lose the endorsements you have for that particular skill. You can promote your main skills so they appear at the top of your list by sending your contacts a message asking them if they would mind endorsing you for that particular skill or skills. However LinkedIn seems to be suggesting skills for people that they haven’t listed and often don’t possess.

Have you been endorsed for a skill you don’t have?

If you find you have been endorsed for a skill you don’t have or isn’t important you don’t need to accept it. If the skill isn’t listed you can simply delete the skill from the suggestion box and it won’t show on your profile. However not all the suggestions are as random as some, it may be that you have been endorsed by someone for something you hadn’t thought of but is relevant to your business. These suggestions often come from people who know you well and have worked with you. Which brings us nicely on to the next point..

Have you been endorsed by people you don’t know?

The main criticism aimed at this feature is the ease with which anyone can endorse you with just the click of a mouse.  If this happens you can hide the endorsement if you wish to. However I bet most of us are too vain to do so – an endorsement is an endorsement after all.

What is the most bizarre skill you have been endorsed for?

The combination of points 2 and 3 can lead to some bizarre endorsements from people. What has been your most bizarre endorsement to date?

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Written by Gillian Chappell


Lindsay McLoughlin
November 07,2013 07:02 am
Hi Gill - I always enjoy your posts and here is another one! For my part, it appears that the skills I would like to shout about are being endorsed by people I know. As blogging is one of the skills, and therefore a skill "in he public domain", I would be more than happy to be endorsed by people I have not met. For me, endorsements are a snapshot; I still believe testimonials carry more weight. Thank you for this post. Very interesting. Lindsay

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