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Who is looking at your profile?

According to recent news reports almost 50% of parents are on Facebook to spy on their children (or that’s what they told the researchers!)  Our own kids call it stalking. One of them not only refuses to friend us, but he’s blocked us from seeing anything he posts.  In truth they are all adults and the older 2 don’t post much and if they do it is fairly innocuous.   So far nobody can see who has viewed any Facebook profile so we can all stalk to our heart’s content and surely if you post something you should expect it to be viewed.  If someone posts a Facebook status telling you they know who viewed their profile, this is a Facebook app still doing the rounds that purports to give that information, don’t touch it – it’s a scam.

Of course your Facebook business page will give you general information about the people who like and view your page.  This gives a general view of gender, age, where they live and what language they speak. This is useful information and will help you work out if you are reaching your target customer.

On the other hand LinkedIn positively encourages you to discover who has looked at your profile.  Unlocking a full list is one of the selling points of its paid for service.  Knowing that people are viewing your profile can be very useful and one of the ways we judge our activity on LinkedIn is by regularly checking our “Who’s viewed your profile” figures. Like Facebook we can see if potential customers are finding out about us. We also view the profile of other people if we intend to endorse them for a skill as we don’t trust the recommendations LinkedIn comes up with.  A LinkedIn profile is also a great way of finding out more about someone you may want to do business with.  LinkedIn does offer you privacy options for times you may not want someone to see that you have been looking at them, but we rarely use this facility. If you do choose this option you won’t get information about who has viewed you either.

So keep a check on your Facebook insights and your LinkedIn profile information to make sure you are getting your message to the right people. However do make sure it is the right message..........

Social Media is all about being seen on a regular basis and we have to balance what we give away about ourselves and businesses with making sure we gain the most value from its use. On the whole Social Media gives us a chance to find out more about people we do business with than ever before.  Just remember when it is out there, it’s out there! Yes I know there are privacy settings but do you really trust them?


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