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Pinterest Helps Your Blogs Last Longer



Last year I wrote about how Pinterest was a traffic driver for websites. If I’m honest I don’t use Pinterest as much as other social media probably because I don’t have an account for which it is my first choice of platform.

I continue to use Pinterest primarily as a way of bookmarking interesting articles I find or to pin links to my blogs. As with all my social media accounts I keep a close eye on the analytics provided by the various platforms. I know what type of pin gets the best results and which boards people are interested in.

The thing that has surprised me , although it shouldn’t given the layout of Pinterest, is the longevity of pins. A few of my recent blogs are still ranking high for impressions several weeks or months after they were written.  On another account several photos I have posted are being regularly repinned months or even a year since I uploaded them. Such a change from the blink and miss it of Twitter and sometimes Facebook.

I had some theories as to why some pins do better than others so I ran some polls on Google+ and in a Facebook group. To be fair the response was limited but it seems that people repin appealing images and search for pins on subjects that interest them.

Earlier this year I changed how I pinned blogs on Pinterest. Previously I had simply used the Pinterest browser button in Chrome to create the pin and added a description to describe the blog.  Recently I have been resizing the blog image to Pinterest pin dimensions and uploading this with the description I’ve written for the blog. I’ve then uploaded this and then added the web link once the pin has been created. The other simpler way is to use an image that is already sized for Pinterest either instead or as well as the blog image.

Recently a new feature has been introduced for the Pinterest browser button. A pinnable image is created using the blog title either in addition to any images in the blog or where an image isn’t available. For various reasons my last couple of blogs didn’t have images so I used this option with some success.

When it comes to images that are repinned there are 2 things at work here. Firstly (and immodestly) the images are good which is why I used them. The fact that they were then repinned quickly by several other people may well be down to the Pinterest algorithm. I suspect that the more a pin gets repinned the more likely it is to show up in searches. Again this is something I’ve checked out by doing searches myself.

So if you blog;

·         do pin your links

·         Use appealing Pinterest sized images

·         Add a good description of what your blog says to the pin.

All this means you get more life out your blogging efforts and that has to be a good thing.


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