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Who Ate All The Pies?


This week I’m taking Gillian to the Gold Cup at the Cheltenham Festival. As it is a Friday I thought that we could stop off on the way home for a bite to eat. Knowing that Burford is a lovely town in the Cotswolds I decided to concentrate my search for a good restaurant/pub in that area. So where do you turn to first to find a recommended restaurant? Why Trip Advisor of course.

The first name that came up was The Royal Oak, with 208 reviews and 4 ½ stars. With reviews such as “I like a good pie and, oh my, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. They were real pies with pastry crust all round - not just on the top. In fact the vote was unanimous - that the food was great.”  And “To sum up, the staff were great, the service was fantastic, the food was delicious and it was great value.”

So the decision was made very quickly as I do like a proper real pie and the real ale looked good too. A match made in heaven. Booked 8.00pm next Friday!

With my marketing hat on this got me thinking about how local Thames Valley businesses could do to capture more testimonials, and then use them to help promote their businesses.

Speaking to one successful business owner last week he said that he hated asking for testimonials as it seemed like a form of bragging. Well I suppose that it is. However there are more subtle ways of asking for them and the vast majority of customers are more than happy to provide one as long as it is easy to write.
Our top tips would be:


1.     Strike while the iron is hot. Don’t wait weeks before asking a satisfied customer for feedback.

2.     Provide them with the tools to write one. A pen at the table or a simple form to quickly fill in. Don’t make it too complicated or long.

3.     Why not ask clients to fill in a short on line survey immediately after the transaction has been completed.


Also make sure that you upload your testimonials to your website. Good for fresh content on your site. Use them in your Tweets, Facebook posts and Email Newsletters. Spread the word about how good you are!

Top tip. Don’t forget to ask the customer for permission to use their words and keep a hard copy if challenged on the veracity of it.

Proof of the Pudding (or Pie). We ran an email newsletter course last week and here is some feedback from one happy client.

The email newsletter training was very useful and the course went at a good pace, taking us through step by step, how to set up a template newsletter with some handy tips along the way. It was such a relief to have experts at hand to do this, as I had tried to do this out myself a couple of months before,  and although I am comfortable with I.T, I just could work out what to do.  I now feel I am equipped to send out my newsletters and excited to see how much more professional they will look.  If you want to step things up in your business, I highly recommend this course with GPC Marketing. Gill and Phil are very professional, friendly and patient. Thank you.” Kathryn Fell of Kathryn Fell Photography

Our next Email Newsletter Workshop is on 26th April. If you would like to be the first to know tthe details contact us on 01491 524002 or email us at

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