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Would you give away your assets?



I’ve recently been receiving emails from a business that I know I haven’t given my email address to. This happens all the time but on this occasion I was able to work out how I was added to the email list. It would appear that someone I have met shared their database with another business. The emails were sent in the name of the second business and my assumption is that my email has been assimilated into the database of the other business.

Apart from being slightly annoyed that my email address had been passed on without my permission. I was surprised to see that someone had effectively given away an asset of their company.

Every business needs a database and a good one will have taken a lot of time and effort by the business owner to build it up.  A lot of research will have gone into identifying who you would like to sell to and a great deal of time spent not only compiling it but also keeping it up to date.

We have a very comprehensive database for the Best of Henley both of local businesses and also local consumers. We view these databases as the main asset of our business.  One of the services we offer is the opportunity to be included in email newsletters to our 2 databases and is one of our most popular services.

We frequently get approached by business owners and organisations to either feature in these newsletters or even to email our database directly. Our response is always no.  In fact passing on our database to a third party without permission would be against the law.

You would be astonished if you found out a business had willingly handed over all their stock or office equipment to another business wouldn’t you?  So why on earth would a business willingly hand over their database? 

Written by Gillian Chappell


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