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5 Tips for Increasing the Reach of Social Media Posts


How do you get more reach for social media posts?

Getting good reach on your social media posts can be difficult, on Facebook in particular. The more people who see your posts, the more likely you are to gain business – right? Only if it is seen by your audience.

We use a number of ways to help the reach of posts we create, these are the 5 that work best.


  1. Mention and tag other accounts

This is a great way to get more reach. As the accounts that you mention are likely to share your post to their accounts. The key is to tag other accounts in a genuine way and not indiscriminately. Some of our best results have been with suppliers of products to businesses we work with. As we are promoting their product, they are more likely to share our posts with the bonus of reaching a similar audience to ours.

Another popular way to get your content shared is to tag other people who attended the same event as you. This is likely to not only get a reshare but a reply or comment too. Although this audience won’t be exactly the same as yours, it will have some crossover.

Tagging people who may be interested in your blog or newsletter content is also a good idea. If they often comment or read your content, they are more likely to respond to being tagged.


  1. Tag authors of articles you share.

We always tag the author or publication of any articles we share. This is good practice and can sometimes lead to a reshare.


  1. Hashtags

Hashtags have always been a Twitter and Instagram thing but now they are becoming established on LinkedIn and even Facebook have started to give them some prominence. Using the right hashtag can certainly boost the performance of a post as we discovered.

The Instagram feature we talk about in the article disappeared as quickly as it arrived. However, it is possible to discover where your Instagram Impressions of each post have come from, including location or hashtags. Hashtags certainly get you seen on Instagram.


  1. Facebook groups

Sharing your Facebook posts to a group can boost the reach of the original post significantly, with the advantage of finding your audience. If you find the right group and obey the rules, they can do wonders for the reach of your posts.

Facebook are currently creating lots of new features for Facebook groups, and there is a belief among some social media experts that groups are the Facebook future.

Check out our blog How not to use a Facebook group. Despite the negative title it does have some positive advice too.


  1. Instagram stories

As Instagram stories sit at the top of the feed, they are more visible than Instagram posts. We have noticed how they boost the overall reach of accounts when they are used regularly. As well as creating unique stories you should also share your Instagram posts to Stories.

Check out our 5 tips for Instagram stories for more ideas.


These tips will increase your reach and more importantly to your target audience, rather than gain lots of reach with less engagement.

We use these ways of increasing the reach of our posts regularly. We add hashtags to all posts and post Instagram stories. We use tagging and Facebook groups less frequently. It is important to be authentic and tagging indiscriminately can damage this. Too many posts to a Facebook group can look like Spam, so we choose the posts we share to them carefully.


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embrace the latest social media trends

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